Vinicius Linhares (or just “Vinny”) has laureated his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in music with expertise in classical guitar by School of Music and Performing Arts at the Federal University of Goias (Escola de Música e Artes Cênicas (EMAC) da Universidade Federal de Goiás), in Goiania, Brazil.

As Vinny was 17-year old, he won his first reward in competitions, such as the first prize of the “1st National Guitar Competition at EMAC” in 2004. In addition, he received an honor mention in the National Music Festival “Geração Furnas”, in 2006, both realized in Goiania, Brazil.

Since 2003, Vinny has been teaching classical guitar and ukulele as of 2012. He focuses on preparing his students to perform music in excellence level which enables the students to be rewarded in renowned competitions, music festivals, as well as enroll into the best academic music programs in universities worldwide. In addition, he follows the program for the classical guitar designed by The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM).