Tara Quan
Born in China, Tara Quan started her musical study at the age of five. In 2008, she entered Northeast Normal University (NENU) in China in the first place of Piano Performance major. In her sophomore year, Tara went to Shih Chien University in Taipei, and studied as an exchange student. On her return, she won the National scholarship, which qualified her to continue her master degree after graduation as a test-free government-supported student in Piano Education and Work Study at NENU.
In 2011 Jilin International Piano Festival in China, Tara performed as the youngest soloist in the closing ceremony concert, which was held in memory of the 200th anniversary of Franz Liszt’s birth. From 2008 to 2015, she also appeared frequently in many occasions as a recital soloist at some Chinese music halls in Dalian, Changchun, Xinjiang and Taipei etc. In addition to piano performance,
Tara also acted as a piano accompanist. Since 2009, she has cooperated with local choirs, opera singers, and other instrument players in China. In 2012, she became the only designated piano accompanist for Jilin University Conservatory of Music.
Besides piano performance and accompaniment, Tara’s main focus is on piano education. While working as a piano teacher in Jiayi Music School since 2012, she has been teaching and coaching children from 4 to 12. In September 2013, Tara came to Canada, and at weekends, she volunteers in church as a piano accompanist. With the love for music, Tara has a great passion for teaching and motivating children, as well as helping adults who are interested in starting their piano lessons.

毕业于东北师范大学钢琴表演与教学研究专业,Tara 老师致力于儿童钢琴教学与舞台表演。自2008年至今,Tara于大连,长春,上海,新疆,台北等地多次举办独奏音乐会并广受好评。Tara目前主要从事钢琴教学,包括儿童启蒙钢琴和成人钢琴辅导。擅长儿童钢琴兴趣开发,教态和蔼可亲,深受学生喜爱。