2015 Honors and Awards

Microsoft Word - Max Li 3rd.docx Kiwanis-Angela Kiwanis-Annie Wu Kiwanis-Annie Wu2 Kiwanis-Carys 1 Kiwanis-Carys 2 Kiwanis-Eva Kiwanis-Eva2 Kiwanis-Eva3 Kiwanis-Hannah 2 Kiwanis-Hannah Kiwanis-Hannah3 Kiwanis-Irena Kiwanis-Irena2 Kiwanis-Jason Kiwanis-Julie & Katie Kiwanis-Julie Kiwanis-Julie2 Kiwanis-Julie3 Kiwanis-Katie Kiwanis-Katie2 Kiwanis-Katie3 Kiwanis-Katie4 Kiwanis-Mandy Kiwanis-Mark Kiwanis-Max Kiwanis-Shawn Kiwanis-Sunny Kiwanis-Tony Kiwanis-Vivian Kiwanis-Vivian2 Kiwanis-Vivian3 Kiwanis-Vivian4 Amy Kim Amy Yang G7 2nd Eva Wen 2nd 3rd Grace Hao 3rd Hannah Song 1st 2nd 3rd Hannah Song Jason Bi Kevin Fu 1st (1) Mark Lin 2nd Monica Hou 1st rmf_Amy_1 rmf_DanielW_1_2 rmf_Eva_1 (1) rmf_Eva_1(2) rmf_Evan_2 rmf_Wendy_3_3 Sunny Zhang 1st Sunny Zhang ARCT 2nd Sunny Zhang Classic 1st Tony Yuan Vivian Song 2nd 3rd Vivian Song 3rds

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