2014 Honors and Awards

Eva Wen VKM 三等奖

Eva Wen VKM 两个二等奖

Eva Wen VKM 二等奖

Sunny Zhang VKM 一等奖

Sunny Zhang VKM 三等奖

Sunny Zhang 一等奖

Annie Ouyang VKM 一等奖

Annie Ouyang VKM 三等奖

Annie Ouyang VKM 二等奖

Daniel rmf 3rd

Franky Xie VKM 二等奖

Irena Yan VKM 三等奖

Mark Lin VKM 三等奖

Sophie Hao VKM 三等奖

Sophie Hao VKM 两个一等奖

Eva 2014 pacific youth 2nd place

Sunny 2014 pacific youth 1st place

Annie 2014 rmf 1st

Annie 2014 rmf 2nd

Annie 2014 rmf_2nd

Annie 2014_rmf_2nd

Candice 2014 rmf 3rd

Daniel 2014 rmf 3rd

Eva 2014 rmd 3rd

Eva 2014 rmf 2x 3rd

Sunny 2014 rmf 1st

Sunny 2014 rmf 2nd

Sunny 2014 rmf 3rd

Sunny 2014_rmf_2nd

Sunny_Eva 2014 rmf 2nd

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